Research and Information Destination Hub

Enhancing Ecosystems and Human Well-Being in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Center for Urban Natural Resources Sustainability operates through a partnership among the USDA Forest Service, City Plants and CAL FIRE. These partners, as well as the Executive Oversight Team, work jointly to oversee this center of excellence in urban natural resources stewardship and promote adaptive management, technology transfer, and science. For more information about our work, check out our strategic plan.


To serve as a “Research & Information Destination Hub” physically located in the heart of Los Angeles that fosters collaboration and generates science, science delivery, technology transfer and communication to sustain the health and diversity of natural urban ecosystems and enhance the quality of life within the urban landscape of the Los Angeles metropolitan region.


To improve and enhance the urban forests, urban waterways, urban wildlife, green infrastructure and quality of life for all individuals throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area and to create a healthy, safe and sustainable urban ecosystem for the benefit of individuals, communities, nature and the economy.


These guiding principles inform our practice and priorities as well as direct formal action and decisions.

Sustain and expand the quality and function of urban natural resources in the Los Angeles metropolitan region by supporting current initiatives and special emphasis programs of partner organizations & local government.

Engage children, young adults, young scholars, and urban residents to foster knowledge, understanding, and stewardship of the natural environment.

Create, manage, and apply information about urban natural resources to assess the outlook for natural resources and policies for enhancing ecosystem services.

Create new partnerships and promote intergovernmental coordination to better leverage existing resources.

Promote economic development and collaborative learning opportunities leading to new jobs and career opportunities.

Form interdisciplinary research teams to improve understanding of the critical functions of urban ecosystems and their vulnerability to biological, physical and social threats.

Develop landscape-scale management practices to increase the value of the natural resources of the Los Angeles metropolitan region.

Assist local partners in expanding citizen engagement and volunteerism to promote community-based stewardship.

Enhance environmental justice to ensure that benefits of nature are equitably distributed and that all social and economic groups benefit from the activities and programs of the Los Angeles Urban Center for Natural Resources Sustainability.

Ensure that the Los Angeles Urban Center for Natural Resources Sustainability is accessible to communities and the public and responsive to community-based concerns, needs, and priorities.