Explore, connect, and learn about Los Angeles’ urban forests.


Agents of Discovery.

Provides an avenue for kids to enjoy the outdoors. Follow the link and start discovering the forests in Los Angeles and across the country.

Nature Watch.

Engaging in Nature Watching activities leads to greater personal connection to the environment and the natural resources we all share.


CA PLT Treemendous Tuesday eLearning

Ready to submit your findings? Visit our form to send us your photos!

Be a Green School.

Discover how and why to become a green school.

Discover the Forest.

Learn more about the forest and all that they have to offer! Enjoy these science tips and fun facts to help you appreciate and conserve our natural lands.

Safety in the Woods.

Safety of visitors is the number one concern of the US Forest Service. The most effective way to prevent mishaps is to adequately prepare for the trip.

Be Water Wise.

Check out these videos to learn the proper way to water your trees.


Gateway to Nature.

Located in Historic El Pubelo de Los Angeles, Gateway to Nature is a place to connect, share and learn about nature around us.

History & Culture.

Learn and connect with the history surrounding our beautiful forests.

Woodsy Owl.

Hello! I’m Woodsy Owl. I hope you will join me to learn how to “Lend a Hand—Care for the Land!” Let’s get started!