The Los Angeles Center for Urban Natural Resources Sustainability Fellowship provides research and science-delivery opportunities for graduate students from a diversity of academic disciplines. Selected Fellows conduct projects that contribute to the core mission and vision. Fellows receive a stipend of $5,000 and are required to develop a poster and present their research findings at the close of the fellowship period.

Announcing the 2021-2022 Science Fellowship cohort

The LA Urban Center Executive Oversight Team is pleased to announce the selected 2021-2022 Science Fellowship cohort:

Onja Davidson

University of California, Los Angeles

Research Topic Area:
Effect of wildfire residues on biological functions of stormwater biofilters

Noam Rosenthal

Uninversity of California, Los Angeles

Research Topic Area:
Mapping Compound Health Risks from Wildfire in Los Angeles County

Renan Valenca

University of California, Los Angeles

Research Topic Area:
Fungal role in reducing the negative impacts of wildfire on water and soil quality

Angelo De Guzman

California State University, Dominguez Hills

Research Topic Area:
Using LiDAR and SIF to Assess Vegetation Composition and Structure after the Angeles National Forest Wildfires

2020-2021 Science Fellowship cohort

Stephanie Piper

University of California, Riverside

Research Topic Area:
Urban Tree Canopy & Air Quality

Christian Benitez

California State University, Los Angeles

Research Topic Area:
“Quantifying Bird Habitat Using LiDAR,” Urban Tree Canopy Biodiversity, Urban Tree Canopy and Green Infrastructure, Urban Tree Canopy and Environmental Justice

Corinne Bassett

University of British Columbia

Research Topic Area:
Urban Tree Canopy Change Analysis & Impacts of Development

2021 Spring Partners Meeting: Building Bridges in Green Spaces Through Technology & Research

LA’s Urban Forest Equity Visiting Scholar: Dr. Vivek Shandas

With funding provided by Tree People, Accelerate Resilience LA, City Plants is working with Dr. Vivek Shandas as LA’s first Urban Forest Equity Visiting Scholar from July 2020 – March 2021. Vivek Shandas will help regional partners examine in depth how to address the inequitable distribution of LA’s urban forest. Dr. Shandas is a renowned expert on the intersection of public health, equity and green infrastructure and will examine opportunities for tree canopy expansion in low-income, heat-impacted areas. He will make GIS-informed recommendations and assess policy shifts needed to achieve the Mayor’s Green New Deal goal of a 50% increase in tree canopy in disadvantaged communities by 2028. Specifically, Mayor Garcetti’s Green New Deal goal is to “increase tree canopy in areas of greatest need by at least 50% by 2028 to grow a more equitable urban forest that provides cooling, public health, habitat, energy savings, and other benefits.” Dr. Shandas will contribute toward this urban forestry goal by analyzing currently available plantable space and the potential for urban canopy expansion and prioritization through a public health and equity lens. Read Phase I of the report here.

Please watch this website for updates, and/or outputs surrounding the 2020-2021 LA Urban Center Fellows.

2019 Fellowship Seminar

Joseph D. Carillo

Leon Boroditsky

Shelley Bennett

2017 Partners Meeting

Dion Kucera

Jamie Burkhard

Edith De Guzman

Jonathan Lightfoot

Lee-Anne S. Milburn

Michele Romolini

Shannon Lynch