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A curated database of scientific work on environmental, urban ecosystem, urban natural resources and socioeconomic topics relevant to the southern California region.

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aerial and satellite imagery aesthetics air pollution removal air quality Albuquerque allometric equations arboriculture arid and semi-arid climates Asian longhorned beetle Australia Baltimore benefit-cost analysis best management practices biodiversity bioswales BVOCs carbon cycle carbon footprint carbon market carbon sequestration case study children and youth climate change community gardens community participation compensatory valuation computer modeling contact with nature crime deforestation Denver design drought ecological integrity economics ecosystem disservices ecosystem services ecosystem services valuation ecosystem structure and function education emerald ash borer empowerment energy conservation engineered soil environmental justice fauna field study forest health forest regeneration forest remnants forest structure gardens GIS governance greenhouse gases greenhouse gas offsets green infrastructure greenspace groundwater gypsy moth habitat hazards and risks hedonic valuation history Houston human health and well-being i-Tree Eco i-Tree Streets impervious cover invasive species inventory irrigation isoprene jobs land cover landscape architecture land use leaf area life-cycle analysis Los Angeles machine learning manuals monoterpenes native species natural regeneration New York noise reduction non-profits nonpoint source pollution nursery open space ozone parking lots parks park trees pests and diseases planning policy prioritization property values public health public perception race and ethnicity rainfall interception recreation remote sensing residential restoration review risk management roadside vegetation Sacramento safety Salt Lake Santa Monica Seattle shade trees similarity index social benefits socioeconomics software soil soil carbon spatial analysis species composition species diversity species importance value sprawl State Implementation Plans stewardship stormwater management STRATUM streetscapes street trees surveys and interviews sustainability temperature moderation timber harvest traffic-generated pollutants transpiration transportation tree canopy assessment tree canopy cover tree care tree density tree growth tree health tree planting tree planting initiative trees on private property UFORE urban-wildland interface urban agriculture urban canyons urban densification Urban Forest Health Monitoring urban forest management urban forestry urban green urban greening urban heat island urbanization urban nature urban planning urban woodlands valuation vegetative barrier water water-use efficiency water quality watersheds wildfire wildlife wood utilization wood waste