by EG McPherson, DJ Nowak, RA Rowntree (eds)

USDA Forest Service, Northeast Forest Research Station, Radnor, PA


This report, with chapters by a number of authors, provides an overview of the structure and ecosystem functions of Chicago’s urban forest. The Chicago Urban Forest Climate Project was a three-year study to quantify the ecosystem services of the trees of Chicago in terms of air pollution removal, carbon dioxide sequestration, effects on air temperature and wind, local-scale energy and water exchanges, and energy conservation. Ground sampling of vegetation plots was combined with meteorological data and local pollution concentrations to model results. Ecosystem services are presented in terms of units (e.g., kWh of electricity conserved, metric tons of air pollutants) and dollar values. A benefit-cost analysis is included, and the report concludes with policy recommendations and suggestions for future research.

Region: Chicago, Illinois
Publication Type: Technical report
Keywords: air pollution removal, benefit-cost analysis, carbon sequestration, climate change, ecosystem services, ecosystem services valuation, energy conservation, field study, policy, temperature moderation, urban forestry, and valuation