by PR Miller, AM Winer

Urban Ecology 8:29-54


Los Angeles area vegetation was surveyed using color infrared images obtained in a 1972 over-flight combined with vegetation data from randomly selected ground samples. A total of 184 species of plants were identified and grouped into six structural classes: broadleaf trees, conifers, palms, shrubs, grasses, and ground cover. For the most common species, crown volume, crown projection area, and dry leafmass constant were determined. Similarity indices for the ground-sampled areas and species importance values (a measure that combines the prevalence and size of a species to reflect its importance in an ecosystem) are presented. Species with the highest importance values were California fan palm, Italian cypress, Monterey pine, cocos palm and Canary Island pine.

Region: Los Angeles, California
Publication Type: Journal article
Keywords: aerial and satellite imagery, field study, forest structure, Los Angeles, similarity index, spatial analysis, species diversity, species importance value, and urban forestry