by DJ Nowak

Forest Science 42(4):504-507


Accurate estimates of leaf area and leaf biomass are necessary for calculating a variety of ecosystem services provided by trees, including air pollutant interception and energy conservation, as well as other functions such as evapotranspiration and BVOC emissions. Despite the importance of this data, there has traditionally been little research into the topic for urban trees. For this paper, open-grown park trees in Chicago, IL, were studied. For five species, 10-14 individuals with full crowns in excellent condition were chosen. A number of size measurements were taken of the tree, and ten 0.4-m3 samples of leaves were taken to determine leaf biomass and leaf area. Regression equations to predict leaf area and biomass were developed and are presented. Those based on crown parameters were found to be more accurate than those based on trunk diameter.

Region: Chicago, Illinois
Publication Type: Journal article
Keywords: allometric equations, field study, leaf area, tree growth, and urban forestry