by Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council

Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council, Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles imports nearly 60% of its water from distant watersheds, while a substantial amount of local rainfall remains unused. The Ground Water Augmentation Model (GWAM) was developed to estimate the amount of stormwater runoff and groundwater recharge in urbanized portions of the Greater Los Angeles region based on different solutions and best management practices. The model, which is GIS-based and works in conjunction with Microsoft Access, is best used to estimate baseline conditions and to estimate the benefits of  different stormwater diversion scenarios. This report provides an overview of the inputs, outputs, and formulas used in the model and provides some initial results.

Region: Los Angeles, California
Publication Type: Technical report
Keywords: best management practices, computer modeling, groundwater, Los Angeles, stormwater management, water, and watersheds