by NC Poudyal, JP Siry, JM Bowker

In: JJ Diez (ed) Sustainable Forest Management – Current Research. InTech, Rijeka, Croatia, pp 275-286


Carbon offset markets have been considered as a possible funding source for beleaguered municipal governments to support the care and maintenance of urban forests. For this study, a number of potential sellers (municipalities) and buyers (those currently participating in a carbon market) were surveyed. Among the potential sellers, 85% noted that their municipality had undertaken tree planting projects to help mitigate climate change, but only about one-third of respondents were familiar with offset markets. Among the buyers, there was a strong preference for local projects, and many stated a willingness to pay a premium for certain types of offsets. The chapter closes with a summary of some of the challenges a carbon market for urban forestry would face.

Region: United States
Publication Type: Book chapter
Keywords: carbon market, economics, greenhouse gas offsets, greenhouse gases, surveys and interviews, and urban forestry