by Brown and Caldwell

Leadership Committee of Greater Los Angeles County Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, Los Angeles, CA


This document is one of a series of technical memoranda that provide a foundation for the development of Los Angeles County’s Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP). Here the focus is on quantifying targets for water supply, water quality, and open space; these targets are presented in tabular form. Existing and new proposals for water projects were submitted by stakeholders across the region and the anticipated benefits were tallied. A summary of these data are given, and five appendices, which present the regional proposals in more detail, are referred to, but the appendices no longer appear to be available online. The final section describes three planning tools for the site, neighborhood, and regional scale to assist stakeholders in designing projects that meet the targets.

Region: Los Angeles County, California
Publication Type: Technical report
Keywords: drought, governance, Los Angeles, open space, planning, stormwater management, water, water quality, and watersheds