by DJ Chavez, PL Winter, JD Absher

USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station, Albany, NY


This General Technical Report results from several decades of research into how visitors of different races and ethnicities make use of national forests. Sixteen studies are presented under six main topics. Two international studies consider visitor use of public land in Mexico and a third compares constraints to use of natural areas in four cities (Los Angeles, Glasgow, Barcelona, and Morelia, Mexico). Three syntheses of studies address the intersection of race/ethnicity and recreation, with a general focus on southern California. Five studies consider management issues associated with visitors of different races and ethnicities, such as perceptions of endangered species, physical activity levels, and expected resources. Two papers look at differences in environmental perceptions, and two studies provide information on communication and outreach to diverse populations.

Publication Type: Technical report
Keywords: contact with nature, Los Angeles, parks, race and ethnicity, recreation, surveys and interviews, and urban-wildland interface