by Council for Watershed Health

Council for Watershed Health, Los Angeles, CA


The San Gabriel River Regional Monitoring Program began in 2006 with the goal of tracking the answers to five questions: (1) What is the condition of streams in the watershed? (2) Are conditions at areas of unique interest getting better or worse? (3) Are receiving waters near discharges meeting water quality objectives? (4) Is it safe to swim? (5) Are locally caught fish safe to eat? A series of annual reports have been issued answering these questions. This report, the most recent as of 2017, summarizes the methodology and presents the results for 2012. Areas of focus include biotic and riparian zone conditions, water chemistry, toxicity, physical habitat condition, high value habitat sites, and bacteria levels.

Region: San Gabriel River Watershed, Los Angeles, California
Publication Type: Technical report
Keywords: ecosystem structure and function, habitat, Los Angeles, recreation, water quality, and watersheds