by NC Poudyal, JP Siry, JM Bowker

Business Strategy and the Environment 21:157-169


This study sought to better understand how an organization’s structure and characteristics affect its willingness to support green projects. Businesses and organizations currently involved in trading on the Chicago Climate Exchange were surveyed regarding their profit motive (non- vs for profit), geographic scope of operation, size, their customers’ concerns about climate change, the company’s preferences for governmental regulation of greenhouse gases vs a voluntary market, their potential willingness to pay a premium for certain types of offsets, and their motivation for offsetting their emissions. Responses were compared for non-profits vs for-profits, US-only vs worldwide operations, and for small vs large businesses. There was a high level of support for climate change mitigation, and few significant differences within the comparisons.

Publication Type: Journal article
Keywords: carbon market, economics, greenhouse gas offsets, greenhouse gases, surveys and interviews, and urban forestry