by NC Poudyal, JP Siry, JM Bowker

Journal of Forestry. October/November: 378-385


Carbon credit buyers in the Chicago Climate Exchange were surveyed to determine their interest in urban forestry offset credits and whether they might be willing to pay a premium for such credits. The surveys consisted of three parts: the first section asked general questions about attitudes and perceptions; the second section asked respondents to indicate their preference for projects based on location (local, regional, within the U.S., international) and type (rural forestry, urban forestry, agriculture, methane gas, renewable energy); the third section asked about motivations and potential interests in buying urban forest credits specifically. Credits sourced from local projects had the highest preference, and urban forestry projects were viewed positively. Respondents felt that the community economic and environmental benefits, public image, and environmental responsibility were the most important attributes of urban forest credits. Fifty-five percent of respondents stated that they would be willing to pay some premium for urban forest credits.

Region: United States
Publication Type: Journal article
Keywords: carbon market, economics, greenhouse gas offsets, greenhouse gases, surveys and interviews, and urban forestry