by NC Poudyal, JP Siry, JM Bowker

Forest Policy and Economics 12:432-438


Arborists, urban foresters, and others involved in the management of urban trees in the United States were surveyed to better understand the feasibility of and level of interest in using tree planting projects to generate carbon offset credits. Questions ascertained the respondents’ (and their municipalities’) technical and managerial capacity to undertake such projects, any existing climate change mitigation activities, and factors associated with a willingness to participate in an offset program, such as awareness of the carbon storage capacity of trees and of carbon markets, education level of city residents, cost of living, etc. The results showed that the capacity to participate in carbon markets was generally present, but that there was a significant lack of knowledge about carbon sequestration itself and about the existence of carbon offset exchanges.

Region: United States
Publication Type: Journal article
Keywords: carbon market, economics, greenhouse gas offsets, greenhouse gases, surveys and interviews, and urban forestry