by NS van Doorn, LA Roman, EG McPherson, BC Scharenbroch, JG Henning, JPA Östberg, LS Mueller, AK Koeser, JR Mills, RA Hallet, JE Sanders, J Battles, DJ Boyer, JP Fristensky, SK Mincey, PJ Peper, JM Vogt

USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station, Albany, CA


This guide is a complement to “Urban tree monitoring: A field guide”. Whereas the former is focused on the practical aspects of carrying out a tree monitoring program, this resource guide focuses on the pre-fieldwork aspects: data collection methods, types of monitoring projects, connections to other urban forestry protocols, guidance for selecting tree location methods and tree record identifiers, recommendations for crew training and fieldwork management, goals of monitoring projects, and monitoring datasets. The authors break the guide down into three parts: 1) general strategies for urban tree monitoring; 2) data sets for urban tree monitoring; and 3) supporting documentation. Part 2 introduces the idea of a “minimum data set”, for which detailed protocols are provided in the complementary field guide mentioned above. The guide also provides examples of existing tree monitoring programs for the user’s reference. Supporting documentation in Part 3 includes site type and land use examples, tree identification resources, other protocols, and field crew training agendas and activities.

Publication Type: Technical report
Keywords: manuals, street trees, urban forest management, and urban forestry