by MT Ballew, AM Omoto, PL Winter

Sustainability 7(8): 10620-10648


This review of literature focuses on how online technologies and social media can be used to motivate people into proenvironmental action. Researchers identified a number of specific pathways for engaging people in proenvironmental action. Pathways were found through personal, social, and contextual sources of influence. Web 2.0 (e.g., Google, blogs) and social media apps (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) are tools that are gaining attention for their potential to heighten environmental concern and facilitate sustainable behaviors in the general public. The Technologies for Proevironmental Action Model (TPAM) was introduced to conceptually link various Web 2.0 and social media to the pathways engendering mechanisms to proenviroonmental action.

Publication Type: Journal article
Keywords: education, environmental justice, review, and sustainability