by MH Park, M Stenstrom, S Pincetl

Environmental Management 43(3):514-522


In 2004, the residents of Los Angeles were asked to support a $500 million stormwater bond initiative to help bring the city into compliance with the federal Clean Water Act. This article considers the implementation of Proposition O, which involved heavy collaboration among city agencies and nonprofits.  Data were derived from Prop O meetings, technical reports, and news reports; and surveys of the scientists, public policy makers, community activists, and nonprofit representatives involved in the implementation. Nonprofit representatives reported widespread dissatisfaction with the process, indicating that they felt misled on numerous aspects. The paper concludes with generalizable lessons that go beyond this proposition and this city.

Region: Los Angeles, California
Publication Type: Journal article
Keywords: community participation, governance, Los Angeles, non-profits, policy, surveys and interviews, water, and water quality