by Brown and Caldwell

Leadership Committee of Greater Los Angeles County Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, Los Angeles, CA


This document is one of a series of technical memoranda that provide a foundation for the development of Los Angeles County’s Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP). Here the focus is on water supply. Background information and existing water supply conditions are described in the first section. The second section addresses water supply issues (e.g., reliance on imported water, droughts, groundwater contamination), constraints (e.g., funding, property rights, security), and opportunities (e.g., recycled water, graywater, desalination). Water supply objectives are the focus of the third section, and existing and recommended strategies for achieving these objectives are the focus of the fourth.

Region: Los Angeles County, California
Publication Type: Technical report
Keywords: drought, governance, groundwater, Los Angeles, policy, stormwater management, water, and watersheds